TourTer3 Séraphin Article 6

Hugues Séraphin


Haiti has been a tourist destination out of bounds for a long period.
The country is now experiencing a new era in its tourism
management (Séraphin, 2012a). In this paper we have decided to analyse the performance of the ex ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ from a human resources point of view as we are aiming to offer a counterpoint to the rhetoric view of destination performances as being mainly an economic element.
The paper also seeks to answer two key questions:
(1) To what extent has slavery impacted on the tourism sector in Haiti?
(2) What are the challenges from a human resources
management approach?
To answer the above questions we have opted for a qualitative analysis with an inductive and exploratory approach. The objective is to find out an indicator that can be used to evaluate the human resources in the tourism sector in Haiti. The findings indicate customer service as a valid indicator. Haiti has a very low profile when it comes to customer service. The lack of dedication of the people working in the industry, the lack of trust and the
situation (political, economic and social) of the country are
playing a major role in this poor performance. A soft human
resources management approach has been identified as the most suitable way to deal with the situation.


Haiti; Slave trade; Customer service; Performance; Human Resources Management

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